To submit your music to Aimless Skylarking, send us an e-mail at We don't have any stringent rules for submissions, but do try to include as much information as possible. Links to the music (Bandcamp, Soundcloud, YouTube), lyrics, bios, and artist/band history really helps when it comes time to prepare a piece for posting.

A few other important bits of submission information.

1. Thank you for thinking of Aimless Skylarking. Without submissions, we could not exist.

2. We can't say this enough, but we are sorry. We can't include everything, even music we really like.  

3. There are far too many critics these days, so, you're not likely to read anything critical here. If we don't like something, we won't write about it.

4. We appreciate the effort it takes to make music, that is to be artistic, but we aren't into modern day Country, anything Hardcore, many forms of Heavy Metal, House Music, Rap, or Hip-Hop. Take a few moments to see what types of music we feature here at Aimless Skylarking, but don't let that keep you from submitting, we've been surprised before.  

5. With full time careers outside of music, and family commitments, time is limited for the staff at Aimless Skylarking. Receiving a response via e-mail may not happen.