Cut Ribbons

Perhaps my favorite discovery of 2013 was a Welsh power pop band, Cut Ribbons.  I'd heard of the group via one of my favorite bands, The Joy Formidable, who Cut Ribbons opened for in the UK. After reading a bit about the band, I went straight to YouTube for a closer look, but wasn't entirely taken with the 1st track I heard, Luna.  (I've since made amends with Luna.)  I was busy and I moved on, one track was enough.  But, I kept hearing their name, and how good they were; I gave them another chance.  I'm glad I did.

This time I went to their Soundcloud page and found several top notch tunes -- Walking on Wires, Damascus, and my favorite of the lot, White Horses.  All contain a winning power pop recipe -- smart melodies, catchy riffs, and a prominent rhythm backbone.

For a few weeks, White Horses was in an obsessive constant rotation on my drive in to work and at my desk, listening to it many times each day.  Their refreshing dual vocalist approach and borderline post-grunge heaviness in spots sold the song to me.

Then, last November they released the EP, Bound in Love.  Right off, the first two tracks stuck with me as first spin favorites -- Memorial Pt. 1 and Memorial Pt. 2.  And that feeling hasn't subsided.  The songs, actually one song, are mournful tunes about life, love, death and dying, saying goodbye and letting go.  I was quite stunned by the words contained within, such introspection, and felt as if the words were written just for me, for an experience I'd had.  And I think that's necessary to connect with music.  

Just a few weeks back, the band reported on Twitter/Facebook that they had been in the studio in Belfast recording new songs.  Later reports told of great sounding mixes.  With that, it appears new music is coming soon.  And, I hope this new music propels them to a bigger stage, and then, maybe even a visit the states for a few live events/festivals.

Ok, now go 'Like' them on Facebook and 'Follow' them on Twitter, and don't forget to say hello.  They're a friendly bunch.

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