Empathy Test

Twitter is an interesting marketing platform.  Oftentimes I find myself being followed by a musical act, photographer or an online music magazine, most likely based upon who I'm currently following.  It seems like a few new pop up each week, and if I have the time, I'll try to check out their work.  Sometimes I enjoy what I hear or see and return the follow, sometimes not, it's nothing personal, art is subjective.  But there have been a few clear winners, Empathy Test is one.

Empathy Test followed me a few days back and I was impressed by their one and only song, Losing Touch.  I can't wait to hear more.  As a child of the 80's, remembering those heady days of early MTV, back when it was important, Losing Touch swept me back to those days.  It would be right at home between videos of Love Plus One and Just Can't Get Enough.

Anyway, Empathy Test are a two piece electro-pop outfit out of London with a EP coming out soon.  So, yeah, give it a spin, Losing Touch is a great tune.

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