Jessica Lea Mayfield

When I was in the Navy, there were two kinds of beer -- free and cold. Rarely was the free beer ever good, neither was the cold beer for that matter -- far too much Natural Light in my younger days.  But that doesn't always mean free is subpar.  Sometimes it's awesome, like when I discovered Jessica Lea Mayfield from free music.

A few years back, iTunes gave away one of her tunes, Blue Skies Again, and I fell for it.  I'm a sucker for a pretty voice, and she has one of the best.  It's a perfect match for her style of alt-country.

The next day, I bought Tell Me and With Blasphemy So Heartfelt, and listened obsessively for weeks.  Even today, almost 3 years since I first heard I'll include one of her tunes on "mixtapes" I make for myself.  But, I am clamoring for something new from Jessica.

Alas, that dream has come true!  Ahead of a new album out April 15th, Make My Head Sing, once again Jessica comes through with some free music.  The first single, Oblivious, can be had here:


Yep, that's a free download.  Free is good in this instance.  At first blush, it's a departure musically from previous work, but I like it.  Love it in fact.

Now, if she'd play live somewhere nearby, I'd be happy.  So, yeah, go check out her new song, and then, for more information on Jessica: