St. Vincent first impression

Was able to listen to St. Vincent's new album today twice.  First spin favorite is Rattlesnake.  Such a cool song, frantic and unusual, but undeniably catchy.  Digital Witness was a close 2nd with all its Prince-like charms (without all the screwing), and Birth in Reverse's matter of fact masturbation comment deserves a high five, Miss Clark, maybe wash your hands first, but how would I know, ala Mallrats.

On a whim, I checked all the schedules for local venues and discovered St. Vincent was to play Marathon Music Works in Nashville Friday March 7th.  It wasn't sold out, and tickets were just $22 each, done, I'm going, wife going too but she doesn't know yet.  And, yes, I am so terribly predictable, I've just ordered the rest of her albums from Amazon.