The Age of Fracture

A few weeks back, I read about Cymbals in an NME article about bands for 2014.  Here's the article:


After a bit of rooting around -- searches for Cymbals uncovered everything I'd wanted to know about cymbals, but not Cymbals -- I finally found this incredible video for The Natural World.

After a few listens, I had to own it.  Let me rephrase that, after one listen, I had to own it, repeated listens were for determining how much I loved the song.  Such great 80's sounds, yet it was the vocals that won me over.  Anyway, snow delayed the shipment of The Age of Fracture for a few days, but I hope to get a full listen in this week, and maybe share my thoughts here.  Until then, go check out The Natural World.

For more information on Cymbals (the band):