I liken Warpaint to the Sirens of Greek mythology, except for the whole shipwreck thing.  For me, the shipwreck became a metaphor for an empty wallet kind of thing, but the enchantment was absolutely real.  They've not let go of me since I first heard them.  Whatever they are doing, they are doing it right, and how they aren't more well known is beyond me.

After I was enchanted, all I wanted to do was own everything they'd ever produced -- give me that album, how about some b-sides too, throw in that poster, no the one that's signed, and I'll take a t-shirt too.  All this effect from a band with almost 10 years under their belt, and me unaware of their greatness.  But, I'm here for Warpaint lovefest now.    

Sometimes music, books, movies, any kind of art for that matter, just gets into a blindspot.  One day we are enjoying something incredible, consuming it, even obsessing over it, blinders totally on, when something fantastic sidles up and matches our pace, waiting to be noticed.  This was Warpaint.  I only wish I'd noticed earlier.

Describing their music, or any music for that matter, has always been a stretch for me, but I will try -- dreamy art indie-pop.  Oftentimes, I have to equate non-mainstream artists to established acts.  And I hate doing that because there's nothing more disappointing when some well intentioned soul tells me that a certain act is similar to a favorite, and it's not.  So, I won't try to do that here.  Warpaint is Warpaint.

The first song I heard was Majesty.  I'd been browsing YouTube listening to Chvrches videos when I stumbled across this masterpiece.  When I first heard it, I was taken in by the sparse arrangement and the vocals.  Sparse, yet perfect, filling all the spaces.  Ethereal vocals, and a mastery in placing notes in all the right places.  It stuck with me, to the point of absolute distraction, and I couldn't get it out my mind the next day at work.    

See, they are Sirens, and then the enchantment began.

Then, Elephants hit me, and the proverbial wallet shipwreck took place.    

I ordered The Fool and Exquisite Corpse, and pre-ordered their latest.  That was just after 2 songs!  I still had not heard Bees, Undertow, Warpaint and the whole cast of fantastically composed tunes.

After that, I did some internet adventuring for demos, b-sides and anything live I could get my ears on.  Seeing them live would make me incredibly happy, even happier if I could photograph said gig.

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Now, after obsessing over their work, especially their latest, I wonder what has slipped into my blindspot again.