Hello.  Welcome to my blog.  I hope to keep it updated quite often with musings about the music and artists I enjoy.  Occasionally, I might sprinkle some other writings on books and authors, movies, photography, travel, and beer.  But, the focus will clearly be music.  

Coming soon, I'll break down several bands I discovered in 2013; some old, some new, a few went unnoticed for years, criminally I might add, but the joy is in the discovery.  Never be ashamed of showing up late for a good thing.

Anyway, some of my absolute favorites are:
1.  Warpaint
2.  Cut Ribbons
3.  Joanna Gruesome and Ides
4.  Chvrches
5.  Anna Calvi
6.  Speedy Ortiz

In addition, a few others that'll get some mentions later on: Esper Scout, Cymbals, Heavy Petting Zoo, Estrons, Wolf Alice, Tyrants, Empathy Test, and Royal Blood.  Entirely too much to list in an introductory entry.

Stick around, comment and maybe we'll start some great conversations about music.

Enough for now, talk soon.