Anna Calvi

Seems like a sinus infection is my kryptonite. I've been battling it for over a week now and hoped it would clear up, I'm not so lucky and had to set up an appointment with a doctor tomorrow.

So, for now, videos from one of my favorite albums of 2013, Anna Calvi's One Breath.  It produced a string of incredible songs, not a bad one on the album. These are my favorites, all different in style, yet they all work.  And they are in order of favoriteness -- Love of My Life, Cry, and Piece by Piece.  Now, if I could just could convince Ms. Calvi to return to the States and play a few venues near me, preferably on a weekend so I don't have to miss work.

I'll get back to Ms. Calvi soon.  For more information on her music: