Blood Red Shoes & Personal Best releases

Way back in December, I pre-ordered Blood Red Shoes new LP, self titled for those interested.  The package was set for an early March release, contained a signed double CD, signed vinyl, signed 12x12 album artwork, and a t-shirt.  Normally I don't go for such packages, mainly because I don't own a turntable any more and most if not all of my vinyl has moved on, replaced with CDs.  And, I don't pursue autographs either.  But lately, I've been using LP's as artwork around the house -- 14 hanging on the wall in various spots around the house -- and I am a band t-shirt junkie.  Plus, they are an indie band, they seem earnest and hard working, doing a lot of things on their own.  I couldn't resist.  

Anyway, shipping from the UK took almost two weeks, but I finally got my package last Friday.  I'm impressed.  I even wore the t-shirt Saturday.

Now, I need to give it a proper listen.  Sure, I'm relatively late to the Blood Red Shoes party, no I wasn't there when the first note was strummed, nor did I buy their second LP on its release date, but I really enjoyed their last album, In Time to Voices, and became a fast fan.  From what I've heard from the new album, The Perfect Mess and An Animal, I'm in for a fun ride.  

Speaking of pre-order packages, I picked up Personal Best's debut EP, The Lovin' this weekend.  The package was slated for a March 24th release date and contained the EP in vinyl and a t-shirt.  Thankfully, a digital copy of the album came with the package, and is now on my iPod and part of a mp3 disk in my vehicle.  After a dozen listens, it remains fabulous, and now I am anxious to see the vinyl and the t-shirt.