David Shayne

As I said a few weeks back, Twitter is a useful marketing platform for artists.  It's a great way to get their art to the masses, and it's free.  Another recent follower is David Shayne, a Los Angeles based musician who describes his music as sulky noise.  I gave him a quick listen and returned the follow, and over the past two or three weeks, I've given his work a longer look.      

As of this post, he has one 3-song EP, Peaches, and a single song, Rust available for purchase for $1 each on his Soundcloud and Bandcamp pages.  After a few listens of each song, I'm a fan, however, the real standout of the bunch is Rust.

Many of the Soundcloud listeners mentioned a Modest Mouse feel to the song, and I guess I can hear hints of that influence, but I'm hearing a distinct Elliot Smith vibe as well.  Rust is catchy as hell, and requires a second and third listen.  It feels like it should be on the soundtrack of your favorite 90's indie movie.

And then Peaches follows the same recipe as Rust, a mellow yet forlorn tune destined for a lonely night mix tape.

All of his tunes feature excellent production values and are composed well.  Ok, now that's settled, go give David a listen.  

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