Lately it seems like my musical heart lies in the UK.  It's not intentional, I'm not shunning my fellow Americans, but the sounds from the British Isles have enchanted me.  Most everything I hear appeals to my musical tastes, and I'm a fast fan.

Late last year, I happened across an article about the Swn Festival in Wales.  I looked at the list of bands and probably only recognized two or three at best.  After a few days of discovery, listening on Bandcamp, Soundcloud and YouTube, I'd found a few new favorites.  One in particular was a melodic pop band from Cardiff, the Estrons.

Swn Festival

Their Soundcloud page shows just three songs, one in Welsh, all are reasonably polished demos.  Of those, My Turn caught my ear with it's amazing vocal performance -- a vocal force, borderline bluesy, a real belter.  Musically, it sounded like a barroom version of The Sundays.

All three tunes are freebies on their Soundcloud page, streaming or download, and worth the effort.  I haven't heard much news from the band lately, no real news about new music or gigs to speak of, but I am hopeful for some new music to build on this promising start.

For more information on the Estrons: