Impressions of PINS Girls Like Us

The PINS are a 4-piece outfit from Manchester, England playing garage rock with some mid-60's California guitar tones.  I picked up their debut LP, Girls Like Us, last week and was able to listen a few times while at work.

First impression of the album is cool, confident, and with tons of attitude, yet not "in your face" and overblown.  Music from and for the margins, but it doesn't sound like a debut effort, it's too assured for that.  On my first pass through the album, I find that the 13 tracks are over in less than 35 minutes, and while the album doesn't overstay its welcome, it lingers, begging to be replayed.  I'm still tossing around in my head which song I like most -- Girls Like Us, Lost Lost Lost, To You or The Darkest Day.

The PINS have spent the week performing all over Austin as part of the SXSW festival.  I hope this bit of US exposure propels them into the spotlight.

Right, well that's done, so, go, now, listen and make them your new favorite band.

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