Led Zeppelin Reissues

Led Zeppelin has announced release dates for the long awaited reissues.  The first wave will be the first three albums on June 3rd in a few different packages, base packages containing just the remastered original tunes, and the deluxe containing the original album as well as outtakes, live cuts and a few unreleased songs.  Vinyl, CD, and digital only packages of each.  For me to spend money on this, the unreleased tunes had better be at least demo quality or better, and the remasters phenomenal.

Rolling Stone Announcement

I've been through this before.  I bought several of the albums on cassette tape back in the 80's, then replaced a few on CD when I could, mostly I lived off recorded tapes my uncle made me, and then I bought the 4 disk box set released in 1990.  To top it off, I picked up the complete CD collection on Ebay a few years back, the Definitive Collection I believe it's called.  After all of that, I can empathize with Robert now, How Many More Times?  But, I will probably spend the money for this if the reviews are positive, and the extras are nice.  

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