Personal Best Debut EP, The Lovin'

Personal Best's debut EP, The Lovin' is to be released next week.  While I haven't decided if I will order vinyl (no turntable and I am in the US), the presence of a t-shirt in a pre-order package is tempting to the inner t-shirt whore that I am.  Tempting.  Anyway, early on in the blog, I mentioned the group as a favorite after one listen to Conkers, and have patiently waited for the day when I could listen to the EP at work on my iPod or in my vehicle on the way to work.

The first time through the EP, Conkers stood out as my favorite tune -- a foot stomping indie power pop sing along -- and that feeling hasn't changed since then.  It's hard driving, yet fun, with melodic soaring vocals, and memorable riffs.  Great start to finish, it's a gift of a song that wraps up so many rock sounds from the past 25 years with a great big bow.  Ice cream follows the same recipe, anthemic and catchy, it's a hit as well.

I discovered the band a few months back thanks to a tweet from BBC's Adam Walton.  Since then, I'd only listened to the other tracks Don't Let Them Touch You and The Tide a handful of times, mainly because Conkers is just too good.  And I've done both a great disservice. Don't Let Them Touch You kicks off the EP into low gear, pensive thoughts, but those lovely vocals take center stage.  And then, The Tide is so catchy, and features the best lyrical barb on the EP -- "The Tide brings all the scum back to the shore." Touche!

But, alas, it's all over far too quickly.  Four songs zip by in just over 10 minutes, begging for another listen, yet they leave me wanting more. Perhaps more will be coming soon because four tunes from this incredibly talented band is not enough.

If you like your indie power pop melodic, give them a listen, you won't be sorry.  For more information on Personal Best:





Edit: I ordered the vinyl and t-shirt package.  I couldn't resist.