If you've been reading here, you'll know I'm a fan of the Glasgow 2-piece band, Pinact.  A few months back, after a mention of the band on the Art Is Hard website, I visited their Soundcloud page and downloaded the freebies, Into the One and Limbs, and I streamed Brew quite often.  I became a fast fan, and if I were still a teenager, 'Pinact' would be scrawled all over every notebook I owned.  But, alas, those days are over, I'm an adult and I have money, so, yesterday I decided to become a "real" fan, fully supporting the band by purchasing all of their offerings.  While listening to my purchases, I found some new favorites -- Guillotine, a new release is a certain hit, Visiting with its shades of Foo Fighters begged for repeat listens, as did Negative Thoughts and Jealousy, and then, We Wanna Go There's spurts of frenetic energy makes me want to drive fast.  There wasn't a bad song in the lot.  

What first struck me about Pinact was how incredibly melodic they are, and that hasn't changed.  How could a self described "noisy" duo be so, well, not noisy?  Being classified as noise rock or pop doesn't bother me, but when I hear an artist described as noisy, I think shambolic, muddled and messy with a "turn it up loud because we can't play" sort of attitude.  That's not the case with Pinact, honestly, calling themselves a noisy duo is a discredit to their evident talents.

After a closer listen, I found them to have smart lyrics with the vocals clearly out front, sing-along choruses, and full of infectious head bobbing and toe tapping riffs.  Even though a slight rough edge remains, it seems like production values weren't compromised as this is an incredibly tight group, good at their craft and getting better with each release.  Sure, call it noise rock or garage rock if you must, and it has little doses of punk here and there, but underneath it all is a healthy power pop heart pumping away.  And there's nothing wrong with that, this is the same ground Dave Grohl treads on.

Great new band, certainly headed for bigger things, and I can't wait to hear what's next.  Now, I need to decide if I can pull off one of their face melter t-shirts.

My favorite tracks:

Visiting, Telephobe, Guillotine, Into the One, Brew, In My Head, Limbs, Negative Thoughts and Jealousy

So, go check them out, and let them become your new favorite band.  Pinact can be found here: