Going to prom with Great Cop

Okay, so today while at work, I Googled 1980's prom music.  Prom, not porn, PROM.  I was at work!  Anyway, I wanted to know where OMD's If You Leave stood in the pantheon of prom songs, but didn't find my answer.  It wasn't on the 2-3 lists I managed to find, such a travesty.  Obviously being in one of the greatest teenage movies of the 80's, Pretty in Pink, and playing during the prom scene didn't make it an absolute shoe-in for the list.

Speaking of prom, do you remember that feeling in the pit of your stomach the night of prom?  That nervous tug.  Part a feeling of about to puke and part of being in love.  Scratch the love part, it was just hot teenage blood running rampant.  It was the same blood that made the zits bigger and each jostle of the school bus leaving one a bit wooden.  

Enough of that, back to prom, that magical day.  The nerves, the tuxedo, the corsage, who would have some booze after, and the thoughts of what might come later.  And we all hoped something might come later.  All those memories of prom whisks me right back to those glorious days -- I hear the music, smell the perfume, and look down and I see I am in a tuxedo all over again. 

Aww hell, who am I kidding?  I didn't go to prom, too big of a damn dork.  That night, I hung out in a dark parking lot with a bunch of other guys listening to loud music, talking about cars, telling dirty jokes, and eating Little Caesar's pizza off the trunk of a car.  We drank whatever wasn't bolted down and monitored, usually Schnapps or Kroger Beer, it didn't matter, we weren't picky.  If we were lucky someone showed up with a 4-pack of Sun Country Wine Coolers, or better yet, a bottle of Old Crow.  Now, that's what I remember about prom.    

Hearing Great Cop's Vacancy swept me back to those odd times, the song slammed a wave of nostalgia wrapped in the immediacy of a punk song into me.  A mixture of punk and indie rock, the choppy stop and go tempo suits the almost pleading vocals, as if each pause expects a response.  However, what makes the song special is the restraint the band shows.  Instead of just being loud and angry, and pummeling their instruments with abandon, they rip off a well timed tight composition without losing that rough and tumble punk edge.

On Vacancy, the band also shows off some timeless lyrical heft.  The exasperated frustration of "I want what you've got/I want what I've lost" rings true in so many stations of life, not just during the rudderless urgent times of youth.  And yet it may not be the best vocal contribution, the delivery of "an endless race to the same place" hints at wistful resignation, as if being defeated because the place wasn't worth the race.  If you like catchy riffs, a throbbing bass line, and an exhaustive destruction of a drum kit, Vacancy won't disappoint.  Did I mention the vocals being pretty awesome too?  This is a hit!  

Great Cop is a 4-piece band out of Glasgow, Scotland, and have opened for Tigers Jaw, Met, and Ice Age.  They have a new EP coming out in May, Stay Human, and if Vacancy is indication, it's going to be a white knuckle ride.  Now go listen another time or two, and then follow them on Twitter and like them on Facebook.  Maybe Vacancy won't make you think of prom.

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