New music from Cut Ribbons

Cut Ribbons is one my favorite bands, and I wrote about them early on in this blog's life. All those sentiments are still felt, but don't feel like I should gush about them much more.  If I did, I might get banned from any future contact.  Besides, don't take my word for it, give In the Rain a long listen, and then a replay or three.  Let them become your next favorite band with this incredible new single.

In the Rain builds on an already strong Cut Ribbons foundation of melodic power pop with fantastic male/female harmonies. However, with In the Rain, they've throttled back on the guitars, just a bit, given it a swirling synthy backbone, all complementing the stadium sized choruses.  It's infectious, and ready for a sing along; their most mature and balanced work to date, and dare I say, best yet. Plus, how cool is the artwork for the song?  I hope that makes it as a t-shirt one day because I'd buy it.

With the release of the single, they announced they'll be touring in May in support of a band I've not heard of, Thumpers. Sadly, our paths will not intersect during my May/June England/Wales vacation.  I'd like to see the band live, perhaps they'll make it to the States soon.

Now that's settled, go follow them on Twitter and like them on Facebook, and don't forget to say hello, they are friendly and enjoy their fans.  For more information on Cut Ribbons: