New music from Pinact

When you one of your favorite bands covers another favorite band, especially one you've been a fan of for 20 years, there is a bit of trepidation before pressing play.  When it's done live, it's a cool novelty, a band tipping their hat to another band and showing that they can be fans too.  However, in the studio, it's a different story.  

So, even though I was leery, I was definitely curious to hear Pinact's version of a Weezer Pinkerton-era B-side I'd not heard in ages.  And I wasn't disappointed, they captured the essence of Weezer, and yet still managed to make the song their own.  Tight, melodic, catchy, and full of head bobbing hooks.  Listen on Soundcloud, and it's free to download as well.  While there, listen to Guillotine, Into the One and Brew to get hooked.

Looking past the source material, Pinact is really becoming a tight band.  With each effort, there is a marked improvement in their skills, from the songwriting to the composition and including production, they keep getting better.  

Now, if I could only get them to cover this post-grunge classic from the Australian band Ammonia.  It reminds me of them a lot.  And if they did cover it, I have a feeling they'd nail it.

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