New videos from Coldplay and Warpaint

Sometimes great music is borne out of heartbreak.  That's why I'm eagerly awaiting the next Coldplay release, Ghost Stories, due out May 19th.  Surely the lead-up to a "conscious uncoupling" would bleed off into the work.  Let the speculation begin.  

While they aren't my usual fare of indie music, I'll admit an affinity to the band, and have had one for years.  Back then, Shiver made me a fan.  Today, they released the video to the single, Magic.  I quite like it.

And then Warpaint released a video for two songs from their latest full length release.  This time around, Disco//Very and Keep it Healthy got the moving pictures treatment.  Both songs, decidedly different in tone, were first time listen favorites.  Keep in Healthy is the stunner here, with its lovely haunting siren-like vocals, dreamy California vibe, it's not hard to get swept up in its beauty and drift away to mountain top overlooking the sea.  

If you don't know Warpaint, I implore you, go give them a listen, they are amazing talents with incredibly crafted songs.  For more on Warpaint: