Song of the Day - Dec 15th by Grubs

Don't you just love the word ditty?  I know I do.  The dictionary defines ditty as a short simple song, and if it the dictionary could link to an example, it would be Dec 15th by Grubs.  However, the one missing adjective used to describe the song would be infectious.  The song is indie pop with jangly guitars, decidedly British, a little rough around the corners, demo quality if you must, and it's over far too quickly.  Clocking in at less than 90 seconds, it drifts away as quickly as it arrived, but not before it begs for another play.

My favorite part, the oh so infectious part is the female vocals, and how they were layered as the song builds to its noisy climax.  Go ahead, give it a listen or two.

The 3-piece group is a side project for Owen, a guitarist for the excellent band Joanna Gruesome.  On vocals and guitar is an unknown to me artist, Roxy, also known as Two White Cranes, a folk singer from Bristol.  Her Bandcamp page reveals a lovely folk tune, Skeletons.  While I enjoyed Skeletons, I enjoyed her vocals more on this tune.  And then we have Jake May, a music writer I follow on Twitter and enjoy reading, doing an admirable job on drums.  

I'd read reports of some new music coming from the band soon.  I'm anxious to hear it.      

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