Song of the Day - Secret Surprise

Today's song of the day is Joanna Gruesome's Secret Surprise.  I first read about the band last fall when they made a visit to NYC to play a few dates.  The name caught my eye, and I had to listen, the first song I listened to was Secret Surprise.  How often do you hear a song and immediately fall in love with it?  It's rare, many times I need to hear something a handful of times, not so with Secret Surprise, first time and I ordered the CD.

Secret Surprise is a fast paced power pop/punk effort from the young 5-piece from the UK (London/Cardiff based).  Alanna McArdle sings with breathless abandon, jumping from dreamy to screamy with each turn of the song, seemingly shouting at the guitarist in a call and response.  And then, the riff is just brilliant, simple yet memorable, a perfect fit for Alanna's vocals.  One of my favorite songs from 2013.

Make it one of yours now by listening...  

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