Song of the Day - Seventeen

Jet had a meteoric rise based on that one song Apple made famous, Are You Gonna Be My Girl.  Yep, you've heard it, everybody heard it there for a few months way back then.  You may not recognize the band, or the song name, but that opening riff is a dead giveaway.

But, I was never a fan of the seemingly ubiquitous song, and it wasn't until an album later that I discovered who they were.  I became a fan of their 2nd album, Shine On, and decided to peek into their back catalog when I discovered what I considered to be a dubious past.  But, I was wrong.  The more I listened to their work, I found I liked just about everything they'd pushed out of the nest, including the aforementioned song.

Way back in 2009, I was incredibly excited when I discovered a new album was to be released, Shaka Rock.  And I wasn't disappointed when I listened.  My first spin favorite was this tune, Seventeen.  Sadly, about a year later, the band split after 3 highly successful albums.