Song of the Day - Tiger Tank

Coming up with a song of the day is hard.  Sure, lots of potentials, but, when on the spot, my mind draws a blank.  When it starts to suck, it will quit being a daily thing, but, until then, I'll keep posting links to cool songs you should be listening to.  One such song is Tiger Tank by a band everyone needs to know, Speedy Ortiz.  Many will compare the music to borderline grunge/post-grunge bands, being a 90's sounding band, and that's a fair assessment, but lyrically, it's hard to rival Sadie Dupuis's wordplay.  She's a master, and I feel, at times, on the outside of an inside joke.  But, that's fine, the more I listen, the more I understand, and the more I want to hear.

A few weeks back, they played a gig at a Birmingham record store, Seasick Records, but, it was a work night, and the stage times were late, even for a former nite owl, and I had to pass.  I'm kicking myself now.  I want to see this band live.

While I enjoy their excellent tune Basketball more, Tiger Tank was the fly paper.