The Replacements set for hometown gig

The Replacements have announced they will perform their first headlining concert in 20 years on September 13th at St. Paul's Midway Stadium.  The show will also be the first time they've played in their home state in over 23 years.  Tickets to the show are $50 and are all of the general admission variety.  

I'll be seeing the band Saturday May 10th at the Shaky Knees Festival in Atlanta, but they'll be limited to a 75 minute set.  That's enough time to bang out 16-18 songs, and will probably satisfy me.  Who am I kidding?  I've not let this sink in yet, the gravity of the situation is immense -- my favorite band long since scattered to the wind, reforming and playing live.  I never imagined this happening, ever.  Ever.  Now it has, and I am so happy that it did.    

But I really long for a full set -- 2 hours or so, 25 songs.  The show at Midway Stadium in front of a hometown crowd will surely be the show of all shows, and not to be missed.  I put it on the schedule, and hope to fly to Minneapolis Friday after work, catch the show on Saturday, and then fly home Sunday.  That's the plan anyway.  

My favorite band, and this is my favorite song by them.