Lineup changes with Speedy Ortiz

Today,Speedy Ortiz announced that lead guitarist Matt Robidoux was taking an indefinite hiatus from the band.  No reason behind the departure was given, as well no statement about the band's future.  With several live dates on the schedule for the summer, many in Europe, the band will need to either reschedule or quickly retool.  

Since last fall's release of Major Arcana, the band has been constantly mentioned as a band about to break out.  They quickly followed up with the February release of a 4-track EP, Real Hair, and have seemingly been on the road the entire time.  

Lineup changes aren't uncommon, many times it happens when a band is on the cusp of making it big, and this could be the case here. 

Update:  After I wrote this, the band has said a replacement has been found and all scheduled dates will be played.