New music from Heavy Petting Zoo

With news of new music just around the bend, I think it's high time I quit putting off writing about Heavy Petting Zoo.  Perhaps the main reason I've been tardy with a post on the band is that I've found it difficult to truly put my finger on their sound.  I've read the comparisons, Siouxie Sioux and The Cramps, but I've never properly listened to The Cramps, and can only name 2 Siouxie songs.  And what I heard on YouTube didn't convince me of the similarities.  It's unique, plain and simple.

There are rockabilly guitar sounds, a bit richer and deeper, much more angry though, and not the Stray Cat Strut kind of rockabilly, or the kind heard in a swing dance hall.  It's all a bit primal with the prominent rhythm backbone shoving the sound towards the brink.  And the themes are dark, made even more sinister by Amy Zachariah's vocal delivery.

Last December, I ordered their 2 song CD, and love it, even the artwork is pretty cool.  In fact, each listen of Hunger and Broken Bone yields something previously unheard.  I can't wait to hear what's next from the band.  

Heavy Petting Zoo is out of Swansea, Wales.  They have a single coming out in July on Too Pure Records.

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To purchase their music, visit their Bandcamp page. Fun fact, just now noticed they have 458 Facebook likes and 458 Twitter followers.