New vinyl by Bully

So, yeah, I don't own a turntable, and haven't in years, but I keep buying vinyl.  Not sure why, maybe to support the bands I like, but, I think, somewhere in my mind, I feel like I am going to use it for artwork one of these days.  Around the house, there are already 14 LP's on the wall, so the inspiration is not some passing fancy, it's real.  And I'd like to do more, even some singles, this new one certainly deserves some wall space.  Anyway, this time, I ordered a super cool single by another recent favorite, Bully from Nashville.  If not for the PINS and Honeyblood, Bully would be played constantly.  Brainfreeze and Bully are such cool songs, and this new one, Milkman is living up to that lofty elite cool level.  

Did you listen yet?  What do you think?  Want your very own copy?  The artwork is by Michael Deforge if that helps.  Go buy it here.