Song of the Day - Crackle and Drag

Tomorrow I'll be travelling to Atlanta to see my favorite band, The Replacements, for the first time.  While I waited over 20 years for this day, their back catalog and Paul Westerberg's solo works have kept me company, and it's in those solo works that I find his most personal work.  Not that his work with the 'Mats was any less personal, it's just that his solo work seems to have perfected his ability to reflect and report.  Most all of his solo works are heartbreaking in some sense -- love, life, loss, and moving on.  He's able to find the words most of us cannot, leaving us all stunned and deeply touched.  When he turned his guitar pick towards Sylvia Plath's suicide, he composed what I think just might be his smartest effort to date.  He'd read Sylvia's final poem, Edge, was written the day before she killed herself, and when Paul read it, he wrote today's song of the day, Crackle and Drag.  There are two versions of the song on the LP, each compelling, but the acoustic version is the most powerful.  Since I could not find a studio version of the song on YouTube, this live version will have to suffice.