Song of the Day - I Wanna Love You

Today's song of the day is I Wanna Love You from Jessica Lea Mayfield's brilliant new album, Make My Head Sing.  This time out, the same songwriting mastery is there, but she dropped the alt-country act, and turned the amps to 11.  Musically, it's a slight departure from her previous work, but, one thing remains the same, her lovely voice.

She was in Nashville last night at the Mercy Lounge, but I wasn't able to attend.  I really want to see her live, but the timing hasn't been right the last few times she was close.  This time, the 90 minute drive, and the fact that the next 5-6 weekends will be spent all over the place, made the decision of having a quiet weekend at home easier.

Enjoy I Wanna Love You, and then head on over to Amazon and get the 1st single from the album, Oblivious, for free as part of the Artists to Watch series.