Back to the grind

My 2 week vacation to England and Wales is now over, returning to work tomorrow morning.  So unpleasant that is.  So, once I get unpacked, settled, desk cleared of mail and bills, and catch my breath, I'll resume normal activities around here.  I also have close to 2000 photographs to sort and process as well.

Anyway, I've got some great ideas for future writings.  There's new music from Great Cop, Wolf Alice, Jack White, Bird, and Coldplay to ponder and review.  Great Cop has finished up their Q&A and I'll get that posted some time this week, and I've got 3 more Q&A sessions in the queue.  While I didn't see any live music while in the UK, I did see one of my favorite bands hailing a cab on a corner on City Road in London, and I will likely write something about that mainly because it shocked me to see them.  And I need to finish ranking The Replacements' albums, next up is #5 if I remember correctly.  Plus, I'm set to photograph a few more bands this month.

While I was away, Cut Ribbons released the video for In the Rain.