Empathy Test Q&A Part Two

Each time I've spoken with the guys in Empathy Test, one question I always ask is 'when is the first live show?'.  And I know they probably get tired of hearing the same question over and over, but I keep asking because taking their show to the stage is a must.  There's nothing like a live show, it's vital for both sides of the stage.  Yes, bands need it as much as the fans do.  Seeing and hearing each other in the flesh validates, and electrifies the show, chasing away any doubts.

After reading their response to the live show question, I learn they've had a plan all along.  Somehow that doesn't surprise me.  

Today I wrap up my Q&A session with the guys in Empathy Test.  I touch on the elephant in the room, the first live show, and their thoughts on marketing.  Then, I finish with a question every artist has had to deal with, negative criticism.  


The music stands on its on, but you guys could do a marketing tutorial for other bands. Have any other artists asked for advice?

Surprisingly not. Maybe they assume we have someone doing it for us. However, Stars & Letters were keen for us to share the secrets behind our social media success with the other artists on our label and we were more than happy to do so. Although there's apps that can help speed things up, there's no real secret apart from following, sharing and being genuine and friendly. Understanding your band is a brand and building that brand is important too. Always post as "the band" rather than yourself (unless you're a one man band!) and remember that different platforms have different "unwritten rules". Post once or twice a day on Facebook only the most important stuff that's going on. On Twitter you can tweet every hour and post all sorts of stuff you wouldn't post to Facebook.

When will the first live show be?  Are you thinking of how you can work a guitar into all of that?

It looks like the first (London) live show will be at the end of August. It's taken us a long time to get around to it but we think in the end it'll be a plus for us because we'll have a) enough material and b) enough of a following to make it worthwhile. We were looking at getting a third member to play the live shows with us but we've decided to keep it simple for the time being so it'll just be the two of us, a synth and a laptop. This has always been a guitar-free project and will probably stay that way for a while, but we both play guitar so who knows, maybe one day.

Has there been a negative comment about Losing Touch that made you laugh?  I saw one you retweeted that just said "Meh" or something like that.

Yeah, we thought that "meh" comment was hilarious. The fact that you can put everything you have into creating something and hundreds of people love it and then one guy can waltz in and just write "meh". It's brilliant; a few month's hard work built on year's of practice brushed aside in a split second. It must make them feel so powerful. Like the one guy that clicks "thumbs down" on a video just because he can. Seriously though? We've not had a lot of negative feedback at all. That comes later when people start to have expectations of what you're going to do next and you don't give them what they want; or people are jealous of your success and feel the need to take you down a few pegs. We haven't got to that stage just yet, thankfully.


That was Empathy Test in their own words.  Congratulations on the record deal with Stars & Letters Records, guys.  I hope it helps reach a larger audience.  Now, about that first show...

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