Party in the Park Festival photos

Being graced with a Media Pass for the Party in the Park Festival was an amazing experience for an up and coming live music photographer.  Scoring it with such limited experience goes to show you persistence pays off, well, I did ask nicely.  I had fun with it, but I learned a lot.  I learned to keep an extra memory card in your pocket, and I learned that puke sometimes is right behind you, and I also learned that other photogs in the pit aren't looking out for your photos and will walk in front of you.  But, I had fun, made close to 400 photos in the three songs.

Along the way, I met an incredible live music photographer with a fantastic portfolio, in fact, if someone did a documentary on the underground hardcore scene, they could use her photos to tell the entire story.  Simply amazing.  They're that good.  If you get a chance, check out Elena de Soto's portfolio here.  Anyway, I was nervous as hell and was happy to have someone to talk to for a few moments leading up to our pit time.  

Here are a few of my favorites from the day:

 The full set on Flickr, can be found here.