Benjamin Booker photos

I've finished editing the photos I took at the Bully and Benjamin Booker show last Saturday.  The Booker photos have been uploaded to my Flickr page, and in a few more days, I'll do the same with the Bully photos.

Photographing shows has proven to be very challenging because the lighting is often difficult.  At the Hi-Tone Lounge, behind the stage, there was an exit door and a window full of this harsh blue light.  Whenever I'd adjust the colors to get back to a more natural experience, the blue light would turn unnaturally bright, looking distorted.  A huge eye sore.  I could handle this in Photoshop, but I needed to quickly turn these photos around.  Anyway, one of my favorites is a photo I almost didn't use because of that harsh blue light.

That funky blue light also kept me from photographing what I thought was the absolute highlight of the set, Max Norton's drumming performance.  I managed to get a few clean photos, but nothing I was terribly excited about.  

The rest of the set can be found on my Flickr page.