Interesting find, The Dead Tapes

On occasion, I'll dip into the four levels of hell that is the comments section on YouTube.  A quick laugh here and there, lots of folks saying 'hell yeah' or 'bloody hell that's ace' depending on where you are, and then a few random asshole entries.  While I was listening to Royal Blood's excellent new video for Figure it Out, I found a curious comment, it read as such: "If you like Royal blood, The white stripes, The black keys, lead zeppelin, check out The Dead Tapes, they are a two piece original garage rock n roll duo. Vids on my channel."

Most times I read stuff like that, giggle, and move on.  But this time I didn't, I checked out the channel and found this song.  Definitely more White Stripes than anything else, which I don't mind, but still not so sure what to make of it.  The kid can bend some strings and really make some noise, great sounding guitar noise in fact, and he has the stage presence down.  Now, get some better quality recordings, put them on Bandcamp and Soundcloud and see where it goes.