My favorite tracks of 2014 so far Part 1

It seems like everyone does a mid-year list of favorites, and I guess I should be no different.  I had planned to keep it simple, 10 songs with a quick one liner about the song and why I liked it, but that went out the window once I scanned my hard drive.  Ugh, I could probably do a top 50 if pressed, but will keep it to 20 songs to keep the snoring to a minimum.

In ranking the songs, the only real requirements I had was that it had to be released in 2014 in the US, and that the artist(s) was an indie act or unsigned.  Tonight, I'll start the countdown at #20 and stop at #16, and then tomorrow I'll pick it back up with #15.  On to the music.

20.  Vacancy by Great Cop - The Glasgow 4-piece band hit their stride with this quick blast of punk with an existential heart.

19.  Animal by Blood Red Shoes - The Brighton, England two-piece trots out another tight infectious tune.  A serious earworm.

18.  No Dog by Esben and the Witch - Dark and brooding, the soundtrack to your next nightmare.  New LP out this September, this track made the cut.

17.  In the Rain by Cut Ribbons - Welsh band Cut Ribbons plays to its strengths, fantastic male/female harmonies, and puts out their most  balanced work to date.  Pop music at it's best.

16.  Killer Bangs by Honeyblood - Fuzzed up jangly power pop from the Glasgow 2-piece band on everyone's buzz list.  Their debut LP is out this week.

Tune in tomorrow for selections 11 to 15.