My favorite tracks of 2014 so far Part 2

Much to my surprise, making a list of favorite songs from 2014 was relatively easy.  Ranking them, not so hard either.  Sure, I left a few songs off that I really loved, but I hope I can address the exclusions once I'm finished.  There were two 2013 songs on this list: one had a 2014 US release, and the other was offered on their Soundcloud page in 2014.  I downgraded the two songs a bit for that reason, both could have been in the top 10.

For today, Part 2, songs 11 to 15.  On to the list.

15.  Every Time the Sun Comes Up by Sharon Van Etten

I was a fringe fan of Sharon's music until I heard this song.  A fantastic artist on top of her game, and she knows it.  Just look at that smile, it says, 'this is a great song'.  And then she enchants you.  It's even better live, and to be honest, Sharon is better live.  Her Nashville Exit/In performance was like listening to a long time friend tell you stories you'd heard hundreds of times, but still loved to hear them.  And even though the words were painful, it felt like a celebration.  A smile, a nod, and an "I'm okay."  Not a fringe fan anymore.

14.  Losing Touch by Empathy Test

Standout synthpop from the London band who've made waves with their retro sound.  New EP and live dates in September.

13.  Guillotine by Pinact

Guillotine is the Glasgow 2-piece's finest songwriting effort to date.  Work on a full length album is reported to start soon.

12.  Sand Smiles by Birdskulls

Super fuzzy guitar riff and one of the best opening lines makes this song indie rock perfection.

Note: Released in 2013 as part of a collection, the Brighton, England based 3-piece released it on their Soundcloud page in early 2014.

11. Lost Lost Lost by PINS

Everything I love about the PINS rolled up into one song -- lovely harmonies, catchy guitar riffs, bass out front, marching drum beats, and Faith's yelps.  

Note: 2013 UK release, 2014 US release.