My top 5 favorite tracks of 2014 so far

When I made this list, every song ranked from 6-20 shifted around from the note making phase to getting an entry written.  Songs 1 to 5, not at all.  Was easy.  Without any further ado, here's my top 5 favorite tracks of the year so far.


5.  Milkman by Bully

Indie power pop at it's best -- infectious, fun, melodic, and over in about 2 minutes.  Breathless.  The Nashville based band teased with some new songs live, and say a full length is coming this fall.  Milkman is a great start, even Hodor loves it.  Hodor. Hodor. Hodor.

4.  Lights Out by Angel Olsen

Hi-Five and Forgiven/Forgotten gets all the press, but Lights Out just might be the stunner of the album.  Highlight of live show in Birmingham was a drunk guy who missed the song but kept yelling out "Lights Out" at every song break.  Pure class.

3.  To Love Somebody by Lydia Loveless

Take note Nashville, this is what country music should sound like.  Lydia's honky-tonk lament about being in love or just having some part-time fun is the finest track on an album full of winners.

2.  Violent Shiver by Benjamin Booker

One word, electric.  Touring with Jack White this summer will certainly raise his profile.  So good.  Dave's reaction, "Oh, my God".  Many have said the same thing.

1.  Erosion by Cymbals

London based band took everything I liked about 80's music and rolled into one fun package.  And yet, managed to make it sound so vital even today without a hint of nostalgia.

There were some songs I hated to exclude, but had to, in the next few days, I hope I can do them justice and at least mention them as great songs.