New music from David Shayne

David Shayne's Sulky Noise keeps getting better with each successive release.  It's not that those first few efforts are subpar, in fact they're quite stunning, and hooked me with very few listens.  But these last two releases -- Jade and now Plans -- feature tighter songwriting and musicianship with a marked jump in production values.

Jade is an angry rocker, and while the melancholy hasn't quite passed, Plans slides into the power pop camp, and I think David's vocal delivery here is his best yet.  It's bright and out front, full of charm, and while it shines most of all, each and every listen reveals more and more details of the intricate backing track.

Stream it all day long on Soundcloud, and if you like it, it's just $1 on David's Bandcamp page.  The whole collection, 2 EPs and Plans, 6 selections in all, is but $6.

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