New music from Interpol

I'm not even sure I could be classified a fringe fan of Interpol.  It's not that I dislike their work, it's just that I've not had time.  When I bought my wife a Wii a few years back, one of her favorite Guitar Hero songs was their excellent tune, Obstacle 1.  She was a pro at the game, mastering it quickly, often using their song as a warm-up to some of the more difficult tracks.  Since then, they've been on the list of bands to get around to.

The time for getting around to Interpol is now.  With a new album coming out in early September, the band has released the first single, the entirely far too cool 'All the Rage Back Home'.  To boot, the video is all kinds of excellent.  Then, on top of that, I find out they are coming to one of my favorite venues in Nashville, Marathon Music Works November 11th.  Sure, it's a Tuesday, but I may be able to swing it with the 11th being Veteran's Day.

Damn this song is so good.  Give it a listen.