New vinyl from The Joy Formidable and Colorama

Looks like I'm going to have to buy a turntable.  Damnit.  Twenty some odd years after my last turntable probably got sold at a yard sale for a quarter, and the albums were sold for less than that, I'm looking at buying one for all this vinyl that keeps coming in.  Last week it was a Lydia Loveless single, a few weeks back it was Bully and Benjamin Booker vinyl, and the PINS a few weeks before that.  The list could go on.  Today, the Joy Formidable's Singles Club 1st entry was delivered to my house in Alabama, this one was numbered 20 of 500, and on thick card stock.  It was all done very well, nothing cheap about it.  It's very pretty, artwork by Rhydian.

And for those of you who aren't familiar with the Welsh band Colorama, here's the song that's on the flipside of The Joy Formidable's Welsh single, Yn Rhydiau'r Afon.  It's quite cool, definitely has a 60's vibe to it.