Out of the Loop, new music from The Vines

Seems like The Vines are back at this music thing.  They were never really away, they just dropped off my radar it seems.  Australian bands seem to have a tougher time reaching the US market, and any absence is detrimental.  The original band is no more, these days, the band lives on with many new members, with only Craig Nicholls remaining as the sole original member.

I remember buying their 1st album, Highly Evolved, way back when, then, for whatever reason, I heard very little about the band.  Occasional news here and there, but never really about the music, mostly about band member antics.  Anyway, they're back with some new music, and the first thing I heard was the very appropriate 'Out of the Loop'.  I quite like it, and remembered why I liked that first disc so much.