Secret Stages 2014 Schedule Announced

Secret Stages has released the schedule for the music festival in the Historic Loft District of Birmingham Alabama.  The festival is coined as a music discovery festival and takes place August 1st and 2nd.  All styles of music seem to be represented; hip-hop, country, rock, folk, and electronic to name a few.  The lineup is stacked with many local Alabama bands and features some acts reasonably local to Birmingham -- Atlanta, Nashville, and Memphis.  And then there a few from far away places like California and Minnesota.  Diverse and plenty to see for fans of indie music.    

I picked up my ticket today, VIP to be exact, and have been sizing up the schedule trying to set my itinerary.  I had planned to drive down Saturday and stay the night, but after seeing Friday's schedule with Promised Land Sound, All them Witches, and Native Lights on the bill, I may have to make some changes to my Friday plans.  Saturday, the main focus is Pujol, but there are several others I want to see as well -- Memphis Dawls, Keeps, Spacewolf, Shonna Tucker, and Passing Parade.  Once I listen to a few more samples, I'm sure I'll have some scheduling dilemmas.