Song of the Day - Radio

Mimi at The Angeles Project contacted me a few weeks back about her new song, Radio.  I listened, liked it, but was just back from vacation, and swamped.  I'm still swamped, don't they say no rest for the wicked?  Okay, who is they?   I'm not wicked, or at least I think I'm not.  And what does that have to do with rest?

Anyway, I honestly needed a bit more time with the band's work, a bit more time with everything to be honest.  Coming back off vacation feeling 2 weeks behind is exhilarating to some, but for me, I was overwhelmed.  Radio is classified as downtempo electropop, but I think one thing that might be missing is that it has this Lynchian Twin Peaks sound about it.  Late night cruising through the desert music is a better description if the Twin Peaks vibe isn't there for you.

While Radio was the focus of the e-mail, there is what I consider a stronger song on the band's Soundcloud page, Your Name in Lights.  Buoyant and poppy, if I was suddenly whisked back to the 80's, I'd fully expect to hear this on 120 Minutes.

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