The Belle Brigade

It seems that I've gotten behind with my free Amazon songs -- 16-20 freebies each month have piled up over the past few months.  A 2 week UK vacation, a few photo gigs, and this website has made the evaluation of that music slow going.  I got around to an initial culling yesterday, about 75 songs in all and found a few potential gems.  From July's batch, I found this song from a LA based brother and sister team -- The Belle Brigade.  It's got a decidedly California feel too, pop music for sure, and I keep thinking of Fleetwood Mac when I hear their vocal harmonies.  

It appears they'll be out on the road this summer for a full slate of shows with Ray Lamontagne.  To boot, they'll be in his backing band as well.  Pretty sweet gig if you ask me.  Anyway, here's the song that tugged at my ear.

For more information on the band: