Joanna Gruesome and Perfect Pussy team up for a 4-track EP

Joanna Gruesome and Perfect Pussy are teaming up for a split EP due out this fall with each band contributing one original song and one cover song for the release.  Joanna Gruesome with the original tune 'Psykick Espionage' and a cover of 90's emo band I Hate Myself's tune '...And Keep Reaching For Those Stars'.  Perfect Pussy will cover the Sugarcubes' tune 'Leash Called Love' with 'Adult World (The Secret)' being their original take.  Also included will be a 24-page comic by Phil McAndrew.

Listen to 'Psykick Espionage' below, it's a manic supercharged blast of garage punk with Alanna McCardle effortlessly bouncing between dreamy and screamy.  Fantastic!

When a solid release date is known, I'll update with ordering information.  Until then, enjoy streaming both tracks.