Missing a show

The traffic gods did not smile upon me last night.  After work, we were to drive to Birmingham to see The Casket Girls at the Bottletree Cafe.  With a photo pass in hand, I was looking forward to photographing a band I enjoy.  A photogenic band at that.

Anyway, in Friday after work traffic, we were looking at a 2 hour drive from home to the venue.  The show started at 9pm, and I felt like if we left at 6:30 we would make it there on time.  But, no, a tanker truck exploded (no one injured thankfully) causing I-65 to shut down in both directions.  We sat in traffic for almost for about 90 minutes before turning around and heading home.  It wasn't to be.  Thankfully, tickets weren't terribly expensive, $26 total, but I was disappointed I didn't see their show.