New music deliveries

Some new vinyl this week got shipped into the Aimless Skylarking camp -- Pujol and Sturgill Simpson.  At this point, I've been researching entry level turntables and think I've got one picked out.  Perhaps in a few weeks once some car repair expenses sting a little less, I'll be spinning some vinyl.

While I know vinyl is not for everyone, hell it wasn't for me for the last 25 years, I do think it is a more engaging listening experience.  However, I am thankful that most come with an mp3 download of the album, otherwise I wouldn't be able to take my music with me on the road and to work.  And that would be terribly sad.

So here's what came in the mail.

Pujol's debut LP United States of Being straight from Saddle Creek Records. Also in the shipment was a Pujol sticker and poster, as well as a few other posters from Saddle Creek artists.

The second shipment was Sturgill Simpson's debut LP 'High Top Mountain' straight from his Bandcamp page.

And then, also delivered this week was Benjamin Booker's debut LP in CD format.  I've already got some Benjamin Booker vinyl.