New music in the mail

Posting around here will be light this weekend, as evidenced by the lack of content the last two days.  It's a holiday weekend, and I'm swamped, so no better time to step back for a few days.  But, I can't resist sharing a few new items that came in the mail this week.

After the PINS turned me on to Eternal Summers, I ordered their latest LP, The Drop Beneath from their Bandcamp page.  The album features this amazing song, 'Gouge'.  Listen below.

In a few short days, a package arrived from Kanine Records with a bonus LP.  The freebie is from a band called Dinowalrus, who I've never heard of, but I will very soon.

Then, a few days later, the debut LP from The Wytches, Annable Dream Reader found its way to my mailbox.  I opted for the CD this time.  Like a few other recent releases, I'd already a bit of the material, but I'm anxious to hear what they've filled the rest of the effort with.