New vinyl from Amanda X

Last week I ordered Amanda X's debut album Amnesia from their Bandcamp page.  I'm usually a big fan of Amazon, mostly because I have a Prime membership and love free shipping, but this time I figured the band could make more if I bought direct.  Anyway, ordering through the band turned out to be the right choice.  The package was doodled upon (no, not doo dooed upon, doodled), and in addition to the vinyl LP, the band sent a nice piece of art as well as a band sticker.  Very cool.

As I've said before, I don't own a turntable, but I am from the vinyl era so I enjoy the beauty of it all.  From the liner notes to the album cover, it all seems more inviting, a personal affair.  Not like a digital release where it's just the mp3's and that's it, or even a CD which reading the liner notes isn't terribly inviting.  Couple that with middle age eye issues, fucking reading glasses, the vinyl liner notes are more welcome, easier to read.

Perhaps I should shop for a turntable this weekend.